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Food Supplies

Find all the Food Supplies for your Restaurant Business

Our wide range of food products and our wholesale retailing services makes us one of the biggest Restaurant food distributors in Dubai and across UAE. From vegetable oils, rice, a variety of lentils, butter, spreads, seasonings to canned veggies, canned soft drinks, fruit juice, spices and a lot more is available in our stocks. We also keep cereals like oats, porridge, corn flakes; beverages like green tea, black tea, soft drinks, chocolate and other flavoured drinks; nuts, almonds, raisins, apricots, dried cherries, dates and a lot of other dry fruits; all food products being supplied to us from the biggest and best brands in the UAE and across the world. Supplies of speciality foods and cuisines are also available at VendorsCorner.

We also provide catering food supplies for caterers who arrange food at events. Catering at events require plenty of ingredients and elements of cooking that are fresh and are of supreme quality, and that is what we are best at delivering. The biggest brands in UAE and across the world, come together at Vendorscorner to offer you products of unsurpassable quality. Come, join us and keep your pantry filled with authentic and top class products.

  • Bages
    Khan 2 Flour

    Khan 2 Flour

    AED84.00 / 50 kg
    by Sounbula Mills
    Brand: Sounbula Flour
    Total : AED84.00 / 50 kg
  • Bages
    Salim - Rose Water (Plastic)

    Salim - Rose Water...

    AED45.00 / 1 carton
    by Salem Bin Mohd Bi...
    Brand: Salim
    Total : AED45.00 / 1 carton
  • Bages
    Torshi Sevan - Pomegranate Paste

    Torshi Sevan - Pom...

    AED75.00 / 1 carton
    by Salem Bin Mohd Bi...
    Brand: Torshi Sevan
    Total : AED75.00 / 1 carton
  • Bages
    Tomato Emir 850 G x 12

    Tomato Emir 850 G ...

    by Tayseer Arar Trad...
    Total : AED39.00
  • Lacnor - Essentials Mango Fruit Drink

    Lacnor - Essential...

    AED30.00 / 1 carton
    by National Food Pro...
    Brand: Lacnor
    Total : AED30.00 / 1 carton
  • Bages
    Al Worood Penne 400Gm

    Al Worood Penne 400Gm

    AED54.00 / 20 packs-carton
    by Al Oufouk Co.
    Brand: Al Worood
    Total : AED54.00 / 20 packs-carton
  • Bages
    Coriander Whole Seeds 20 KG

    Coriander Whole Se...

    by Tayseer Arar Trad...
    Total : AED95.00
  • Bages


    AED9.50 / 20 pcs
    by Aal Mir Trading C...
    Brand: Al Attar
    Total : AED9.50 / 20 pcs


    AED108.00 / 1 carton
    by Mayamen Trading
    Brand: MF
    Total : AED108.00 / 1 carton
  • Lacnor - Healthy Living Mango

    Lacnor - Healthy L...

    AED35.70 / 1 carton
    by National Food Pro...
    Brand: Lacnor
    Total : AED35.70 / 1 carton
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