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Restaurant Equipment

Buy Commercial Restaurant Equipment on a Competitive Price

Along with our food supply, we have also given a thought to some other aspects that can upgrade your restaurant kitchen, and so we came up with a whole new collection of restaurant equipment from best brands, for you. A good restaurant kitchen is one that is stacked up all necessary food supplies, as well as advanced kitchen equipment for the convenience of the chef and team.

Our online restaurant equipment supplies include a host of different ovens, blenders, mixers, chillers, fryers and much to make cooking easier and fun. Restaurant kitchens are always flooded with orders in bulk and it is essential to have restaurant kitchen equipment for help, to deliver platters and cuisines in a timely manner. At VendorsCorner, we have kept in mind the heavy duty tasks that the equipment has to perform, and thus, have kept only strong and sturdy appliances from all the leading brands. Our online equipment store keeps only the very best equipment for restaurant, that is infused with advanced technology for better performance. Deck up your restaurant kitchen with improved appliances, order from VendorsCorner

  • Mood Espresso Coffee Tamper 58mm

    Mood Espresso Coff...

    AED115.00 / 1 unit
    by Mood Espresso
    Brand: Mood Espresso
    Total : AED115.00 / 1 unit
  • Latte or Milk Pitcher Black - 600ml

    Latte or Milk Pitc...

    by Mood Espresso
    Total : AED62.00
  • Bages
    ATHENA 3 BM-INFRA Heated Buffets with Laminated Wood Structure


    AED12,261.00 / 1 unit
    by Perfetti Hospital...
    Brand: Rocam
    Total : AED12,261.00 / 1 unit
  • Rational CMP-202 G - Combo Master Plus Oven - Gas

    Rational CMP-202 G...

    AED81,035.00 / 1 unit
    by Supreme Kitchen &...
    Brand: Rational
    Total : AED81,035.00 / 1 unit
  • Bages
    Waterclub Water Bottle

    Waterclub Water Bo...

    by Collector Consulting
    Brand: Waterclub
    Total : AED29.00
  • Rational SCC 202 E - Self Cooking Combo Oven - Electric

    Rational SCC 202 E...

    AED93,779.25 / 1 unit
    by Supreme Kitchen &...
    Brand: Rational
    Total : AED93,779.25 / 1 unit
  • Check Out Counter

    Check Out Counter

    AED9,000.00 / 1 unit

    - AED8,280.00 / 1 unit

    by Supreme Kitchen &...
    Brand: Meta
    Total : AED8,280.00 / 1 unit
  • Gas Static Oven-Hg 915

    Gas Static Oven-Hg...

    AED8,500.00 / 1 unit

    - AED7,820.00 / 1 unit

    by Supreme Kitchen &...
    Brand: Fagor
    Total : AED7,820.00 / 1 unit
  • Bages
    Pedal impulse sealing machine 900F

    Pedal impulse seal...

    AED1,785.00 / 1 unit
    by Khaleej Al Sharq ...
    Brand: Sepack
    Total : AED1,785.00 / 1 unit
  • Mecnosud IM44D - Spiral Mixer

    Mecnosud IM44D - S...

    AED7,195.00 / 1 unit
    by Supreme Kitchen &...
    Brand: Mecnosud
    Total : AED7,195.00 / 1 unit
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