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Restaurant Supplies

Stock your Foodservice Operation with our Restaurant Supplies

Making sure that our customers are happy and satisfied has always been our concern, and that is why we have brought world-class products from the best brands across the globe to offer you the restaurant supplies that are a class apart in quality and freshness. Our sole motto is to provide the best and fresh products to our customers, as and when they are in need of it.

Our efficient service, coupled with the varied food supply collection, makes us a leading wholesale restaurant supply store in Dubai and across UAE. Canned vegetables, spices, beverages, lentils, rice, bread, cereals, nuts, you name it and we have it all, everything that is essentially required for commercial restaurant supply. If you are in a search for an ideal restaurant supply nearby, then search no more, because VendorsCorner is the apt wholesale supply store in every aspect. Join hands with us to get access to hotel supplies of the very best quality.

  • Rubbermaid - RCP.PX650900WHT Food Container Lid - White

    Rubbermaid - RCP.P...

    AED25.00 / 1 unit
    by Hadi Enterprises ...
    Brand: Rubbermaid
    Total : AED25.00 / 1 unit
  • Bages
    Klothon - Blue Checks Chef Trouser

    Klothon - Blue Che...

    AED45.00 / 1 piece
    by Klothon
    Brand: Klothon
    Total : AED45.00 / 1 piece
  • Bages
    Le Pac - Latex Gloves - 10X100 Carton

    Le Pac - Latex Glo...

    AED105.00 / 10 carton
    by Citi Pak LLC
    Brand: Le Pac
    Total : AED105.00 / 10 carton
  • Bages
    Klothon - Customizable Full Sleeve Chef Jacket - White

    Klothon - Customiz...

    AED50.00 / 1 piece
    by Klothon
    Brand: Klothon
    Total : AED50.00 / 1 piece
  • Bages
    Restaurantware RWP0203B - Plastic Bowl - Black

    Restaurantware RWP...

    AED134.91 / 1 box
    by Restaurantware
    Brand: Restaurantware
    Total : AED134.91 / 1 box
  • Bages
    Ashar Linen - Dyed Navy / White Stripes Bib Apron

    Ashar Linen - Dyed...

    AED15.00 / 1 piece
    by Ashar Professiona...
    Brand: Ashar Linen
    Total : AED15.00 / 1 piece
  • Bages
    Restaurantware RWP0205B - Plastic Bowl - Black

    Restaurantware RWP...

    AED192.76 / 1 box
    by Restaurantware
    Brand: Restaurantware
    Total : AED192.76 / 1 box
  • Bages
    Le Pac - Chef Hat - 1X100 Carton

    Le Pac - Chef Hat ...

    AED90.00 / 1 carton
    by Citi Pak LLC
    Brand: Le Pac
    Total : AED90.00 / 1 carton
  • Bages
    "khaleej White Plastic Tray V1"

    "khaleej Whit...

    AED70.00 / 1 carton
    by Khaleej Links Gen...
    Brand: khaleej Pack
    Total : AED70.00 / 1 carton
  • Bages
    Restaurantware RWA0242 - Baking Cup - Rose Gold

    Restaurantware RWA...

    AED150.34 / 1 box
    by Restaurantware
    Brand: Restaurantware
    Total : AED150.34 / 1 box
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